is a creative and flexible combination of musicians dedicated to the presentation of 17th and 18th century music. Dynamic and vibrant in character, Solamente Naturali performs in variable formations depending on the repertoire and given occasion. The rich choice of musical repertoire, often unknown, enables them to choose to perform trios as well as baroque oratorios with a full orchestra and a choir.

The originality of this group is conveyed through a distinctive approach to the interpretation of 17th and 18th century music.
It is clear that a true restoration of such music and its spirit is simply not possible today. To create a similar atmosphere Solamente Naturali uses period instruments, finds inspiration in historical documents and is united through passion, creativity, and professionalism. But the special treat of the ensemble - as its artistic leader and concertmaster unveils - is spontaneity and naturalism, hence the name Solamente Naturali - Simply Natural, as their version of the musical past.
The ensemble's repertoire offers, along with unknown and unique pieces of Slovak provenience, several baroque essential masterpieces by Vivaldi, Handel, Purcell, Scarlatti, Lully, and Rameau.

In the year 2000, the J.S.Bach Year, Solamente Naturali lied  its concertmaster Miloš Valent performed a thrilling choice of Bach´s works; such as St. Matthew and St. John Passion, Magnificat, Orchestral Suites, a rich selection from Bach's ample cantata output and the Slovak premiere of Musical Offering.

Solamente Naturali continues to attract the public through its well established concert series Musica Poetica da Camera in the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava that serves as the showcase for the soloistic qualities of the ensemble members and as a discovery place of unknown and less frequently performed chamber music.

Solamente Naturali is equally well recognized abroad. They perform regularly at early music festivals in the Czech Republic, Finland, and Austria. Their concerts, in cooperation with Cappella Nova Graz, can be heard on specialized programs of Baroque music on Austrian Radio.

In summer 2003 Solamente Naturali did present a truly unique collection of baroque music from Slovakia. This lively and intimate combination of repertoire draws upon the European musical tradition juxtaposed by elements of Slovak folk music as well as by the music of itinerant Turkish, Hungarian, Austrian or other Slavic musicians. To hear the music of this collection, tailor-made for Solamente Naturali for its spontaneous way of playing - simply natural - and deeply rooted knowledge and experience of the region's folk music, is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.